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A complete range of water treatment, water handling, waste water treatment and recycling systems helps in purifying your water. All products are manufactured by in-depth experience of professionals who share their vast knowledge in designing, developing and manufacturing these products. Following are the details of products.

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Equipments (Filters / Pumps / Lighting /
Ladders, Headers, pre fabricated pool etc.

PP Aquatech is a well-known name in designing and manufacturing a wide range of highly effective Swimming Pool Filters. These swimming pool filters help in swimming pool water purification process and thereby prevent any disease or allergies.

The company offers Swimming Pool Pumps which are available in several sizes for your pool and spa. The Pool Pumps are the heart of your filtration system. These pumps help in filtration process and keep your swimming pool and spa clean.

The company offers numerous options to light your pool. It can provide lighting in the form of standard, halogen, fibrotic or LED. PP Aquatech provides the solution that means your pool can be lit underwater or around the perimeter all at affordable prices.

PP Aquatech’s complete range of Swimming Pool Ladders will let you have complete pleasure of swimming. Just check out our wide selection of Pool Ladders systems for one that fits your needs and budget.

Now make your pool by yourself. We offer Pre Fabricated Pool System so you can install it without any professional help. Dig a hole in the ground and put the pool on a concrete foundation with side support walls. The detailed installation instructions are enclosed. If you wish we can also perform the installation.


The company presents itself as an ultimate source from where you can have numerous spa products at very reasonable price. These products are designed by the experts who form these products friendly for users.


The sauna is a small room or hut heated to around 80 degrees Celsius. It is used for bathing as well as for mental and physical relaxation. However, a hot sauna may seem a cruel punishment to inexperienced bathers but when you bath in this room, you feel completely revived.

Our Products

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