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A complete range of water treatment, water handling, waste water treatment and recycling systems helps in purifying your water. All products are manufactured by in-depth experience of professionals who share their vast knowledge in designing, developing and manufacturing these products. Following are the details of products.

Water Treatment Equipments

Pumps (Submersible / Centrifugal / Monoblock)

The company manufactures Submersible Pumps suitable for a wide range of water supply applications, including plants and systems for home, municipal, industrial and agricultural usage.

The Company Manufacture Centrifugal Pumps from excellent quality stainless steel. With excellent electro polished surfaces, high finish and mechanical strength, our range parallels with international products of same application.

PP Aquatech is an eminent name among the Monoblock Pumps manufacturers. The company offers matchless range of home / agriculture pumps which are exclusively admired by the honoured clients.

Dosing Pumps

Our dosing pumps are well-known for their high precision positive displacement. The design makes the pump a perfect flow control tool in chemical process for feeding chemicals with high degree of accuracy under varied discharge pressure circumstances.


The company produces Water Softeners which are used to treat hard water. They replace the calcium and magnesium in the water with sodium. They may also remove a small amount of iron or manganese, but they are not recommended if the amount is higher than its workability.

Iron removal Filters

We offer an economical range of iron water filter solution that was easy and cost-effective to purchase and operate. After a thorough search, we have developed a special iron reduction filter cartridge designed to remove light to moderate ferrous iron levels from water.

RO Systems

PP Aquatech manufactures Reverse Osmosis System which uses water pressure to force water molecules through a fine membrane, leaving the containments behind. This process results pure water which is collected from another side of membrane.

Our Products

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